Week #2

Hi family and friends! One and a half weeks down at the MTC and I loooove it here! Two awesome things happened this week and their names are Elder Ballard and Elder Cook! Yes we got to hear from two Apostles of the Lord and it was amazing.

Elder Ballard spoke to us at Sunday’s devotional. He talked about how essentially, missionaries rescue others from life of despair and darkness. But, since we have the light of Christ, we can be mouthpieces for Him. He also stressed that we should be grateful each day and remember that we are only missionaries for a short amount of time. When the alarm goes off at 6:30, we should be happy that we get to preach the gospel for another day! And I loved that. I have been working on that. Waking up in our room is sometimes a funny process. Sister Rice is the only one who brought an alarm clock and she sets it for us every night. She is also on the top bunk and INSISTS that she is the one to turn it off. You can imagine the chaos. They alarm goes off and she LEAPS from the top bunk to turn off the alarm. Then, she turns on the lights and it is. so. bright. haha. But we have been super good at getting up and being on time. Elder Ballard’s advice has still helped us be positive. Elder Ballard pumped us up basically his whole talk. And it was funny because when he first got up to speak, he said he had nothing planned and was going to rely on the Spirit. But it turned out to be one of the best talks on missionary work I have ever heard. He asked us to give our time for the Redeemer because we love him. He wanted us to forget ourselves and replace our selfishness with the love of Jesus Christ. After his talk, he bore witness of our Savior. He said that when this life is over, and we enter the spirit world, there will be many who embrace us because of the message we have shared with them. Wow. I got goosebumps. Our closing hymn was “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” and there was not a dry eye in the room. Elder Ballard is truly a servant of the Lord. I cannot deny it.

Tuesday evening, we were at our choir practice (basically the whole MTC is apart of the choir haha) and our director said “You guys need to sing great tonight because this devotional will be broadcasted worldwide!” That means that an apostle is speaking when it is broadcasted to all the MTCs. And when Elder Cook walked in, I was SO EXCITED! Elder Cook reorganized my stake back at home and I was able to meet him and shake his hand. He has always been one of my favorites! It was so humbling to sing “Nearer My God to Thee” in front of Elder Cook. He spoke a lot about D&C 31. Read it if you have the chance! But I think my favorite part was when he talked about the four loves of missionary work.
1. love companion
2. love the people you teach
3. love our mission president
4. love the Lord

If we are striving to have charity for each of these four groups, we will become better missionaries and disciples of Christ. He also said how these four things can apply after the mission.
1. love your life companion
2. love the people around you
3. love our church leaders
4. love the Lord.

I love the counsel that our Apostles teach us! I am praying every day to follow the counsel of Elder Ballard and Elder Cook.

My classes, teachers, and investigators have been great. I’ll share a few experiences from this week!
My evening teacher, Brother Cragun showed us a video from Elder Holland about how as missionaries, we are our first convert. I thought that was so interesting. Our Heavenly Father wants us to do the same thing as our investigators. Everything in the conversion process must happen to us first. That is what I am doing! As I learn how to teach others, I am learning the same principles for myself. I love it.

Our investigator for TRC is Arisa. She is from Japan and is here in Provo learning english. The language barrier has been hard but it has helped me learn how to teach doctrine VERY simply. She is so ready to be baptized. In our lesson last night, I committed her to baptism. She said that she has faith in Jesus Christ, but that she wants to know it MORE. Alma 32:21 popped into my head! It was seriously revelation. I shared this verse with her:

And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things: therefore if ye have faith, ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true

We shared with her that she will not have the same experience as Joseph Smith. Her testimony must come through faith, and she has it!!! We are hoping that after praying about our message, we will recommit her to be baptized tonight. But I really love teaching her. This is what it’s all about!!

The MTC is so great. I am learning so much about my Savior! I love being Sister Draper. Till next week! dsc06703dsc06707dsc06713dsc06714dsc06715dsc06717dsc06740dsc06744dsc06752img_9334p1060997


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