Week #4


Hi Family!

Wow there is so much to write about. I feel like I say that every week but really, we were so busy. SO many amazing things happened! For one, I got to be Sister Chamberlin’s companion yesterday! More on that later so read on…

First of all, HAPPY CONFERENCE! Member or not, please tune in! This morning was amazing. My favorites were President Uchtdorf, J. Devn Cornish, and Elder Andersen. Gah it was so good! So many prayers answered.

Anyways, our elders left this week. We all sung Come Thou Fount during sacrament last week and it was so cool. Our district is not musically talented but it’s crazy that the Spirit can change that! I got chosen to give a talk. I only wrote down a few quotes and scriptures and really tried to practice relying on the Spirit and bearing testimony so I hope it went over well haha.

This week, we also started VC training! Turns out, VC sisters are taught the same things as full pros sisters. Our purpose is the same!: To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel. Along with VC training, we also started TC which means Teaching Center. You know how you can go to mormon.org and “chat with the missionaries?” Well that’s me! The first time I logged on, I accepted a chat with a girl named Lindsey and she said, “hi when is the soonest I can be baptized?” I was like uhhhh when does this ever happen this is awesome! Truns out, her boyfriend left for the MTC last week and while at his setting apart, she felt prompted to learn more and eventually be baptized because she felt the spirit so strongly! The only problem is that her mom will not let her meet with the missionaries in person so I will have to teach her the lessons online. I have been praying hard that her mom’s heart will soften so that she can meet with the local missionaries in Idaho. I was also praying that I would be able to find her boyfriend at the MTC so that I could develop trust and get to know her more through her boyfriend. She told us that his name was Elder Smith and I was like great that’s the most common name here. But the next day, I was in line for breakfast, and I looked to my right and saw an Elder Smith. I thought, “no way, that’s not him!” But I kept getting promptings to just ask him. So I blurted out “Hey do you have a girlfriend in Idaho who’s a nonmember?!” and you should have seen his face haha he was like “Uhhhh yeah….” So then I explained the situation and he was so excited that she was finally willing to learn more. I love her already! I chat with her everyday during my TC hours.

So yes, yesterday I went up to Temple Square for a day of training and my comp was Sister Chamberlin (for those of you who don’t know, she is President Chamberlin’s daughter!) I look up to her so much and I learned A TON. We walked around the square meeting people and Sister Chamberlin knew EXACTLY what to say and what scripture to give them and what invitation to extend. Even to the members! It was SO inspired. I hope I can be like that at the end of my mission. But my favorite part of the day was giving a flag tour around the historical sites in Temple Square. Sister Chamberlin would explain history, and then she would have me explain the doctrine. For example, she explained the history of the temple (how, when, why it was built) and I would explain the doctrine behind it (like what we do inside the temple). We did that same thing in the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall. We were quite the team! We ended up placing two copies of the Book of Mormon. It felt so good to teach REAL people. It was my favorite MTC experience thus far.

I can’t believe I have been here for almost a month! I’m almost done! I have loved the MTC and the growth I have experienced here. I still don’t feel ready to teach on my own, but I know that the Lord will help me. I will miss all of my sisters here! We have so much fun together haha.

Quick funny story: Sister Bailey got carrots in a package from her mom, and we don’t have a fridge so we decided to throw them away. Well we forgot about them. We came home a few days later and it smelled SO BAD in our room. Like Either 14:23 bad. (yes I am a missionary now and make lame scripture jokes haha) We had to get to class in the next couple minutes but we KNEW that we needed to take out the trash asap. SO we dumped it in our hallway trashcan near the bathroom. But then the whole hallway smelled like rotten carrots. Everyone came out of their rooms to see what was going on. And the five of us where running back and forth frantically, trying to get rid of the smell and clean our trashcan. We ended up switching our trashcan with the other hall’s (we repented later). We cleaned out our room, got ready for class, and RAN to make it there on time. It was so funny. I will miss moments like this!

We are all headed to different VC’s next week. I am so excited to continue this crazy adventure! I love being a missionary. I love the scripture Alma 26:27-30. It perfectly describes what being a missionary is like. This work is hard, but it is SO important. It is true. Let us apply what President Uchtdorf challenged us to do and see the simple diamond doctrines. Let us not take any of it for granted.

I love you all so much and I will talk to you when I get to Zion!
Sister Draper




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