Missouri – week #1


Hello Everyone!

Reporting from Independence Missouri–The Alpha and
Omega Mission! I am four days in and loving it. Today is my P Day just
for this week because we are going to the temple today! But after this
week, my P Day will be on Tuesday’s.

Soooo I got here on Wednesday night! President and Sister Vest picked
us up from the airport! They are so amazing. I love them already! We
then traveled straight to the Kansas City temple to take some
pictures. (I traveled with four other sisters going to the MIM but
since they are not VC called, I didn’t know them until that day!)
After the temple, we went back to the mission home and ate some
Mexican food with the President and Sister Vest. We had orientation,
first interviews, and iPad training. After a long day, we woke up
early and headed off to visit the mission office and the two visitor

At Liberty Jail, guess who took us on a tour?!?! SISTER MORGAN! I
missed her so much. It was so funny, the night before I asked
President if Sister Morgan’s VC shift would be during the time that we
would visit, and he said “Oh I know Sister Morgan very well. If she
doesn’t have that shift, she will make arrangements to be there.” Haha
I was dying, yep that’s Sister Morgan for ya! But coincidentally, it
was her shift! Her and Sister Baggett did an amazing job at giving us
a tour. Their testimonies are so solid and the Spirit of the Liberty
Jail was as strong as ever.


Mom comment: this is an excerpt from Sister Morgan’s email this week:

“Sister Baggett and I got to take the new missionaries through the jail, aka, I got to see SISTER DRAPER!!! I only accidentally called her by her first name in front of President ONCE! haha. we are still adjusting 🙂 It is so fun having her here in the mission. She is such an incredible person and missionary. She is also starting her mission in the Celestial Kingdom, aka Independence 4th ward ❤ I love that ward with my whole heart. I am still praying that we can be comps next transfer!”


Then, we went to the Independence VC. Sister Dawson and Sister
Peterson (who’s LAST day was Thursday) took us through. Sister
Peterson shared her last testimony at the VC as a missionary in front
of the Christus. It was so beautiful.

After our tours, we went to the Independence Stake Center for
transfers! My companion is Sister Soto from Riverside, California! She
LOVES shopping and the Lakers so we get along very well. She was so
sad to hear that Kobe retired last season. Anyways, on to more
consecrated things haha. I just love her! She has such a soft and
sweet personality. She is so patient and kind! I want to be more like
her. We have a lot of fun together too 🙂

We are assigned to the Independence 4th ward and we are in the
Independence VC for half the day. On Wednesday, we took about three
presentations through. I am still learning the history, so I basically
just shared my testimony after each one. The first man that was in our
tour was from Calgary Canada! (My brother Ryan’s mission.) Tender
mercy haha.

On Friday, we woke up and went to FMTM (Friday Morning Training
Meeting) at the VC. I met the Toronto’s! They are the Visitor Center
Directors. They lived in and have family in Irvine so mom you’ll have
to see if anyone knows them. Friday we were assigned to a full pros
day. We studied, planned and got groceries for the first half of the
day. I’m still not used to being in public as a missionary. Sometimes
I think “Why is everyone staring at me?” And then I remember I’m
wearing a dressy outfit and a huge black badge on my chest. I love it
though! We ate dinner at THE YUMMIEST little Italian place in
Independence called Cafe Verona. We ran into some members there
visiting from Provo and they paid for our food! It was so nice and we
felt bad because our waiter told us AFTER the family had left.

We then went contacting in a neighborhood in Independence near an
Investigator’s home that we planned to visit later. We tried to see a
woman who Sister Soto knew, but had no luck. As we were walking back
to our car, a man called out to us from his apartment complex. He said
“SISTERS!! HI!! Please come inside my wife is very depressed.” So we
quickly walked up the stairs and into their apartment. The man’s name
is Kish and he is this big old Polynesian guy in our ward. He is
married to Lisa and she is not a member of our church, but of the RLDS
one. We walked in and she was visibly upset and looked very sick. She
told us that she was having family problems with her dad and her
daughter. She said that her daughter isn’t allowing her to see her
grandchildren because she was never a very good mother. She didn’t
know what to do. We read to her D&C 121 and told her that she needs to
pray and read the scriptures more often. We set another appointment to
come back and read with her. She said that she has been so closed off
to the LDS church because her whole family belongs to the Community of
Christ church (RLDS), but after this trial, she knows that there is
something more. As we were leaving, she hugged us so tight and started
crying. I felt so much love for her! She is coming to our ward Luau
tonight so I can’t wait to see her! I know that Sister Soto’s idea of
contacting in that area was so inspired.

After meeting with Lisa, we went to a lesson with another Investigator
named Leroy. Sister Soto and her last companion only met him once so
we taught him the Restoration. He loves Christ and wants to learn
more, but he has MS and vertigo and has a hard time reading. We said
that we would get him a tape recording of the Book of Mormon. He said
that he started reading already and got to the part of the Iron Rod!
We were amazed that he read that far into it. We are praying that he
feels healthy enough to come to church with us on Sunday.

And that brings me to today! Sister Soto and I went to a baptism in
our ward of a girl named Elizabeth. The Elders in our ward taught her
so we went to support. I met many of the members of Inde 4th! So many
members of our ward are converts from the RLDS church. Even our stake
president! It is amazing how much work happens here in Independence.
Today, we are going to a sealing of our ward mission leader and his
wife! She was baptized a year ago (from the RLDS church) and she took
out her endowments yesterday in order to be sealed today! I am so
excited to be there. Tonight we have our ward Luau party and some
investigators are coming! I am very excited to eat some Poly food.
There are so many Polynesians here, they are just the best haha.

I love it here in Independence. It is SO different than what I am used
to but I love it. The people here are so humble. They are so kind and
are so involved with mission work! I challenge everyone to work more
with the missionaries in your ward. They need help! Go on splits with
them and refer them to people you know who might be interested in
hearing the Gospel. I wish I did that more when I was home. I also
wish I had shared the Gospel more to my friends. The Gospel of Jesus
Christ is amazing. The Book of Mormon is true. It is the most powerful
conversion tool we have as missionaries. The Atonement is real.
Because of it, I can be changed each day. I can use it to help others

I love you all. The Church is true. Share it with the people around
you because it will bless their lives FOREVER.

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