Missouri – week #8


Hi friends and family! This week was so great. I’m loving the Blue Mills ward (my stomach isn’t super happy though with the surplus of pork and chop suey) and I love my two companions!! Also, Missouri is finally getting nice and cold so I’m bracing myself for the icy winter.

Do you remember Hailey from a couple emails ago? Her sister is less active and Sister Soto and I started to teach her while we were together? Well she is getting baptized on December 3rd! She is so cute and I’ll never forget how much of a miracle it was to find her nor will I forget her sweet spirit during our first lesson together. I’m so happy!

Thanksgiving was so yummy. We ate at Sister Mallory’s home! She is a single sister in the ward and has an incredible conversion story. She worked as a secretary for James E Faust and has so many incredible stories about him. She was so sweet to invite us over and it was a memorable Thanksgiving ☺️

I want to share a few of the miracles that we had this week. On Tuesday, we were out in area, not having too much luck. We knew that there was someone out there who needed to hear our message. We prayed and looked through our ward roster, PMF list, LA list, and finally some potential investigators. We came upon a name of a woman we wanted to visit. She was a part member family. As we knocked on the door, her father answered. He said that she had kids and moved out of the house. When we told him who we were, he told us that yes, his daughter was Mormon and so was his wife, who had recently passed away. We shared with him the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and he said “my wife talked about this right before she passed.” Richard!!! There is a reason for that. He said that he was very saddened by her loss and isn’t ready to begin lessons, but he said that he would read the pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. We are going back tonight to see how he is doing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace and comfort during easy times and the hard times. I just want Richard to know what I know!!

On Saturday, we got to be out in our area again. (Because of shifts at the VC and all the planning we have to do as sister leaders, we only get about two hours every day in our area, which is insane) So we decided to visit some unknowns on our ward roster. One of the families was not home, so we tracted their neighbors! And lo and behold, someone let us in! Not just anyone, they were Baptists! Haha. But we shared with them our message of Jesus Christ and gave them a Book of Mormon. We set up another appointment with them for Wednesday and the mother said, “well I better get my nose in this book then!” It was so great and their hearts began to soften as we testified of the Savior.

We had exchanges this week too! Sister Williams and I went to Raytown with Sister Santiago while Sister Jorgensen stayed in Blue Mills. Raytown is CRAZY hahaha I can’t even describe it, you just have to experience it. The people there are so different but I loved it. We met so many people and I wish I had time to write down the miracles that the exchange brought, but there were just too many to write!! Another sister described Independence in a very visual way. If Walmart were a city, it would be Independence hahaha. It’s SO true and we see so many funny things everyday! God’s children are all so different but I love all of them!

The lights around the VC got lit on Saturday! It was so fun! Who needs Temple Square? 😉 There were around 250 people inside the Visitor Center afterwards and we got to share the Light the World video with so many people! (If you haven’t seen it, go to Mormon.org to watch it!!) Since we have iPads, we have the video downloaded and have tried to share it with everyone we talk to! I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I invite everyone to watch it, share it with a friend, and use social media (#LIGHTtheWORLD) to participate in the 25 days of service! (Mormon.org/downloads)

I love Blue Mills and this area! And I love my companions. When we go out and do door approaches, it’s so funny because there are so many of us just standing on their porch it’s a little overwhelming for the resident hahaha. And one day, it was POURING rain and we are sopping wet just standing on the porches, but still no one let us in. That would normally make me sad, but we always joke around and make it so fun.

I’m so grateful to be a missionary! I KNOW that we are so close to finding the elect here in Blue Mills. This makes me excited to wake up each morning even if I’m tired because I have so much faith that we will find these people. Thank you for all of your love and support!!!

My new mailing address:

207 E Sea Avenue #4
Independence MO

Sister Draper


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