Missouri – week #9


Hi loved ones! 💕 So many miracles in the MIM this week! Bear with me because I want to share a ton 🙂

Friday was basically the best day of my life. I got to see Sister Morgan because she came into the VC with an investigator. It was a little upsetting though because as we were going through the tour, he didn’t accept any of the invitations I extended. He only wanted to hear about the history. He said that he has so many problems with the previous “doctrines” of Mormonism and has researched all about it. Even though we explained that practice and doctrine are different, and the only way he’d know if it were true is if he prays and asks, his heart was not open. But, it was still fun to teach with Sister Morgan throughout the tour. I’m really gonna miss her since this is her last transfer before heading home 😢.

Anyways, after some meetings and planning, we finally went out to our area. We felt prompted to visit a potential investigator, even though we knew that she worked during the days. On the way there, Sister Williams (who was sitting in the passenger seat) says, “Sister Draper, turn around. We need to go see a woman back there.” We turned around and pulled up to the house. She had just gotten out of her car and into her house so we knocked. When she answered, we showed her the Light the World video and talked about how much Jesus Christ loves her and wants her to be an example to others. She teared up as we testified. She said that she loves doing humanitarian work and loves this initiative. She also mentioned that she works with some Mormons and has always been so curious! We set up another appointment with her. Now, her heart and mind were open to the message we had to share and I’m grateful for Sister Williams and how in tune she was with the Spirit. After this, we visited a referral and his name was Robert. But when we started to talk with him, 1) he wasn’t interested and 2) Sister Jorgensen kept calling him David for some reason. So we thought that maybe we needed to see someone named David. We looked through our area book and found one David, who was a former investigator. We knocked on his door and three kids answered. David was a relative who had apparently moved out, but we started talking with the kids on their porch and ended up reciting the first vision. At the end of our visit, all three of them wanted to read the Book of Mormon! One of them was 15 and our message of Jesus Christ really impacted him. We are going to go back when their parents are home!

And finally, our last miracle on Friday happened at the ward Christmas party. Vanita and Marvin (the Baptist family from last week’s email) came!!! We had a lesson with them on Wednesday where we taught the Restoration. We watched the 20 minute video and Vanita was totally fixed on it the whole time. She has so many good questions for us! After talking about the priesthood, she asked, “so my baptism is invalid then right?” and we said, “umm yes.” And she’s like “oh okay!! I guess I’ll have to get rebaptized then!” Hahaha it was so cute. She is amazing and so prepared. Whenever she prays, she thanks Heavenly Father with blessing her with “3 beautiful ladies.” Haha. And her adopted 5 year old daughter, Anna, is the sweetest. She loves everything Frozen (she even calls me Elsa) and she’s my little buddy. During the Joseph Smith movie she said “I want to go to this church!” I love how in tune little children are to the Spirit. So at the end of the lesson, we invited them to the ward Christmas party. AND THEY CAME! I was SO HAPPY! They were also invited to church but Anna was picked up by her birth grandma and that was just a crazy day for them. Tonight we are teaching them the Plan of Salvation, though, and hopefully we will have a Christmas Eve baptism set!!! Woooo!

Anyways, that’s about it! We also took Anna (different Anna) who is a youth in our ward to a few of our lessons this week. She is always wanting to come out with us because she is preparing for a mission herself! She’s a convert and the only member in her family. I look up to her so much! We saw so many tender mercies from taking her with us for a night! She’s going to be such an amazing missionary.

And I finished reading the Book of Mormon last week and started to read the New Testament, just in time for Christmas! I love studying Jesus Christ’s ministry and the parables that He teaches in. My favorite thing that I have learned so far is in Matthew 4:1-11. We know that Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan, but after he departs, verse 11 says, “Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.” Before looking further, I would have understood that the angels came and ministered unto Jesus. But the Joseph Smith translation says otherwise… “And now Jesus knew that John was cast into prison, and he sent angels, and, behold, they came and ministered unto him [John].” I love this. How often do we think of helping other people during times when we are going through trials. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of charity, humility, and selflessness. He helps me realize that the only way to get through hard times is to turn outward and serve others. I love reflecting on Him and His life and Atonement this Christmas season. We were able to watch the 1st presidency devotional and my favorite quote from it was “There would be no Christmas without Easter.” If Jesus Christ hadn’t atoned for us, He would have been just another baby. I am so grateful for Him, for His light and His perfect example. Let us continue to emulate it during the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative.

I am very excited for this week! We have four return appointments set, which is huge. We also have MLC (mission leadership council) tomorrow and it’s basically an entire day of trainings with President and Sister Vest, all the zone leaders, District leaders, and STLs. And on Wednesday and Friday night, all of the VC sisters are putting on a music show! I am playing the piano for the first time in 8 years…wish me luck haha I have been practicing nonstop for the last two weeks! Trying to redevelop that talent haha sorry for quitting so many years ago mom!!! But anyways, this week is going to be super busy but I know we will continue to see lots of miracles in our area with the time we have.

I love you all! I’m so grateful for every single one of you. Please email me a picture whenever you do a #LIGHTtheWORLD challenge! I would love to see some 💓

Sister Draper


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