Missouri – week #17



I am so sorry my last email was short! I didn’t have a ton of time but as you’ve all probably heard, p day is now two hours longer so we can get more done!

This week was SO good. We had exchanges (yes, again!) and I was with Sister Anderson from the Raytown Ward. Love her! A few cool experiences that day…

We felt prompted to visit a potential investigator that had been on our minds all morning. When we knocked, a man answered and said that the woman we were looking for no longer lived there. I asked him if he’d ever met with missionaries before and he said “I’m a member! I’ve even done baptisms in the Temple!” I couldn’t believe it! He said he was just visiting family but it was so cool to talk with him and invite him to our ward while he was in the area. Heavenly Father is so aware of each of His children.

Then, we visited another potential investigator and after talking with her, I saw a teenage boy sitting on his porch across the street. I yelled out “isn’t it a little cold out to be sitting on your porch?!” Smooth right? (Actually, not). He kinda just shrugged and ignored me haha (nice job Sister Draper) and I proceeded to get in the car. I thought to myself “Nope, there’s a reason why we are crossing paths right now” so I pulled up in front of his house and got out of the car again and RAN up the little grass hill to his porch to talk with him (poor Sister Anderson haha). I started making small talk with him about school and sports and stuff, and then slyly introduced the Book of Mormon? Haha but I think it worked because he said “well, do you have a spare copy?” Soooo I ran back down to the car and up the hill again to give him both a Book and a Restoration pamphlet, on the way basically twisting my ankle hahahaha (again, so smooth). He said his parents won’t let us come back but we gave him our number in case he has any questions. We will probably go back this week though. It was so funny but so amazing how he softened as we talked! I’m not super great at talking to 17 year old boys but I know how to testify so I know he felt the Spirit.

We also went on exchanges with the Hill Park sisters this week. I was with Hermana Zarate! We visited a member in our ward who only speaks Spanish. It was so cool to feel the Spirit in a different language! We read the scriptures in Spanish and it was SO COOL because although I didn’t understand word for word, I was able to understand the basic message! Gift of tongues is so real.

OK and lastly, I want to share an amazing experience I had at the Visitor Center this week! A man came in on his lunch break and decided to take a tour through God’s Plan For His Family. He was a member from Kansas City and even served his mission in the MIM. He opened up to us about his family situation and said that his wife needs to take the missionary discussions to strengthen her wavering testimony. He also said he felt like he needed to be a better husband and father. We helped him come up with a plan to do so! The Spirit was so powerful! At the end of the tour, in the last room we said a kneeling prayer and he thanked Heavenly Father for all that he had been blessed with, especially for the opportunity that we have to serve in this sacred place. He said that this is exactly what he needed that day. I got his information and will follow up with him on what we discussed! I’ve learned that building Zion means more that finding nonmembers–it also means we must build up the church as a whole! I love meeting people from all walks of life and being the vessel for the Spirit to work through me and give them a converting experience. If you live near a Visitor Center, GO! Even if you’re a member, you’ll receive insight and revelation because they are dedicated buildings of the Lord.

This week, I was just so JOYFUL. And sometimes it so weird because I’ll feel so happy after some hard days! I prayed this week asking my Father why I am able to feel happy all of the time. While I was studying the new Testament, my prayer was answered! In the first half of Luke 10, the Savior calls the quorum of the seventy to preach the gospel (wow, isn’t it so cool how His church is the same today?! It’s all so true gahh.) Anyways, in verse 17, it reads:

“And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”

They were able to teach to the most evil of people and still experienced JOY! The Savior explains why they had power over the adversary and says,

“…I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

We are ordained with power from our Heavenly Father. When we preach His gospel and thwart the temptations of the adversary, we experience JOY! So the cure for all sorrow is to preach Jesus Christ’s gospel. I love that. It applies to everyone, not only missionaries! Our Savior and His Father are cheering us on, “yesterday, today and forever!” Our names are written in heaven. That thought brings me so much hope.

I am so JOYFUL. I love where I’m at and I love serving my Father. I love you all so much!! I hope each of you look for and create opportunities to share the gospel this week and experience true joy.

Sister Draper


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