Missouri – week #18


My heart is so full as I write this today! 💓

Transfers are this week, and Sister Williams will be transferred home to Provo, Utah. It’s really, really hard to send home a companion you’ve grown to become best friends with. I have learned so much from each of the companions that I’ve had, but with Sister Williams being the one I’ve had the longest, she has such a special place in my heart! She is so charitable and diligent and joyful. I love her so much!! As she has reflected on her mission, I can’t help but reflect on mine so far as well. I’ve been out for almost 6 months and I feel so much gratitude for the experiences that have been given to me by my Father in Heaven. It’s going by so quickly, almost too quickly, and I want to be able to put my whole heart in it while I can! Anyways, I just feel so grateful and blessed and happy! Comparable to how Nephi feels in 2 Nephi 4 haha.

But this week was SO great!

We had MLC and Zone Training! We didn’t get a ton of time in our area this week but I felt so edified after those meetings. I trained on How To Begin Teaching, aka the first impression you leave with an investigator/first contact. I didn’t drink Teraflu this time so that was good! I love how the Spirit guides and directs everything I do. All of the tours Sister Williams and I took this week were SO POWERFUL! And another highlight this week was fast and testimony meeting! (First time I’ve ever had garlic bread as the sacrament hahaha) But I love this ward and all of the youth/returned missionaries. I feel right at home in Blue Mills!

But yeah, not a ton of teaching appointments but I love being at the Visitor Center and feeling the Spirit. I think my favorite thing about the Peterson’s (new VC directors) is that they always call Sis Williams and I into their office and we discuss some scriptures and he throws down basically hahaha. Basically, they want us to low key (actually more like high key) call everyone to repentance when they come into the Visitor Center hahaha and the times that I have, the Spirit has been so powerful! But I wanted to share what I learned from them!

I love that in Alma 42, Alma talks about the balance of mercy and justice. He teaches his son Coriantun that just because you are a good person, does not mean you are subsequently saved. We are saved by grace after all we can do! God cannot rob justice nor can He go against any of the laws He has set for us, otherwise “God would cease to be God” (verse 22). I meet a lot of people here who believe that faith in Jesus Christ is enough. We must have faith, which leads us to repent and change. We make covenants such as baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We renew those covenants every week as we partake of the sacrament and endure to the end! Before my mission, I had no idea what the Doctrine of Christ was. I loved how Elder Bednar taught in the worldwide broadcast that it’s not a step-by-step formula. Each part is intertwined. We cannot have one without the other. We must continually repent! I love that about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That we can be refined by our Heavenly Father into who He wants us to become something better. I would invite you to read the Book of Mormon looking for the doctrine of repentance. It’s almost mentioned in every verse!

I know the Doctrine of Christ is the only way, and there is no other way whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God (2 Nephi 31:21). I love teaching this and applying it to my own life! I am so grateful to be His servant.

I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you ALL!
Sister Draper


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