Missouri – week #23


Hello again everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Monday again!

This week, I experienced my first TORNADO! Monday night, Sis GC and I were in our area and it was about 7:45pm. We had plans to see about two more families until we headed home for the night. It was getting SO windy and the members kept telling us that the county was on tornado watch hahaha we literally had no idea. Well we both felt prompted to head back home. We felt so torn though because it was still too early to go back, but we decided to trust the Lord and His promptings. We started on the 20 minute drive back to our apartment, when it began POURING rain. Soon, it turned into hail a little bit bigger than golf balls. It was so violent and we had to drive about 10 MPH. The wind, thunder, and hail was so loud we couldn’t even hear the tornado sirens!! On the drive back there were chairs, trees, and other debris in the road. It was CRAZY! I seriously felt like we were in the middle of a tornado. We prayed as we drove and our prayers were answered. We made it home safely (only thing was that our car got dented from the hail) and bunkered down until the sirens stopped. The tornado actually touched down only about 30 miles away from Independence. Anyways, Missouri is crazy.

We found a few new investigators this week which was awesome, we just have been having a hard time finding super solid investigators. However, we found Jason, who is a baptist preacher (I know what you’re thinking…but hey, so was Sidney Rigdon and look what happened there!) He’s a really nice guy and is actually curious about a lot of things. He means well when he asks questions, specifically about the Trinity vs Godhead and the need for modern day prophets. Gotta love the Bible Belt haha. But he took notes during our lesson and he’s already been reading a ton in the Book of Mormon. It was SO COOL because he asked some crazy deep doctrinal questions. Normally at the beginning of my mission, I would freeze up and not know how to answer. But the Spirit totally took over and filled my mouth with the words to say. It was a really neat experience for me and I’m excited about him!

In other news, Danielle from Teaching Center was put on BAPTISMAL DATE!! I can’t believe how much she has progressed. She came on chat to speak with missionaries and didn’t know how to pray and wasn’t even sure if God existed. By reading the Book of Mormon, she has come to know for herself that it is true. We gave her the address for her ward and she went! She met the missionaries there, told them that she had been taught the lessons online and wanted to be baptized haha. I’m sure those missionaries were so excited!! And they put her on baptismal date for April 22nd :)) I’m so happy for her! Sister GC and I got permission to skype in for her baptism yayyy!

Not much else happened this week, we had Zone Conference which was really good!! We talked a lot about building faith. I love in 1 Nephi 4, Nephi says “Nevertheless, I went forth.” Having faith means putting forth our best efforts and believing that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will fill in the rest. President Hepworth, who is in the mission presidency, related this to the children of Israel. When Moses said that they would be cured just by looking to a serpent on the top of his staff, they thought he was crazy. They didn’t have faith. This same principle applies to the fact that when we look to Jesus Christ, who was crucified on top of the cross, we can find spiritual healing. I loved that analogy. I know that through Jesus Christ, we can find peace, joy, strength, and redemption. We just need to exercise faith in Him.

Before my mission, I knew who the Savior was, but now I can say that I truly know Him. I have a relationship with Him and I’m continuing to understand how to fully utilize His Atonement. I love my mission so much!

Love you all! Have faith in the Savior and His Atonement. Go forth!

Sister Draper


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