Missouri – week #25


Hello family! I have been kicked out of the Independence Visitor Center and am now a full proselyting missionary! I will probably be full pros until July and then I’ll end my mission serving at the Historic Liberty Jail 🤗 it’s crazy to think that my next (and last) tour I will give at the Independence Visitor Center will be to my family when they pick me up in the winter. TIME HAS FLOWN BY. But I will always cherish the time I had there and the miracles that I witnessed. 💕

Hermana Littell 🇲🇽 is my new companion! I LOVE HER. She’s from West Valley City Utah. We are the Sister Training Leaders over the sisters in the Far West stake. We are also double covering two areas! The New Mark Ward (ayyyy Sister Williams!!!) and also the Liberty YSA Ward (ayyy Sister Jorgensen!!!) (btw my former compys–feel free to email me anyone you’d like me to check up on ok thank you ok love you both)

ANYWAYS I am very excited to be here!!! It is SO different from independence. I seriously had culture shock when we spent the first day here in Liberty. People here are so….normal. It’s like I’m in a different mission hahaha! It reminds me so much of Ladera Ranch and I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. And we have so much TIME to be out in our area because no shift at the Visitor Center. It’s quite the adjustment (aka my body is very tired) but I really do love it. 7 hours of church on Sunday is SO FUN actually and I’m just so happy to be here.

Let me tell you about some of our friends! Aimee is an investigator that was referred to us by the elders in a different area. She’s in our YSA Ward and she wants to be baptized so badly! She is on date for April 29th 😊 It is so fun to teach her because she is my same age. She drove us (yes, our investigator drove us…culture shock part 2) to a baptism for the Inde 4th ward :,) and she loved it! She said that she felt sooo happy. She also came with us to the General Women’s session of conference and brought a friend! I think that’s why there’s always work in YSA wards…everyone is young, fresh off the mish, and loves to share the gospel.

And speaking of, we got a new Investigator this week as well when this guy named Brant shows up to the YSA Ward and says he wants to learn about the Gospel! He said that him and his LDS coworker went through the Liberty Jail last Monday, he got a Book of Mormon, and he’s been reading ever since! (He’s already halfway through Alma!!!) pray for us as we meet with him on Friday 🎉

Also, lastly, we met a lady named Christal while we were out finding one day. We were looking for somebody on the ward roster but Christal answered the door instead and said that they had moved. Well, we just started teaching her at her doorstep and basically covered the Restoration in 2 minutes. I love seeing the Spirit work on people. She could definitely feel it. SHE invited US back for Tuesday (culture shock part 3) and I’m very hopeful about her! Hermana Littell and I walked back to our car and just looked at each other in SHOCK. hahaha that NEVER happens!!

I have a lot of faith about this new area. My last area was pretty tough when it came to finding solid investigators, but I learned so much. While I was studying the other day, I came across this scripture. It’s found in D&C Section 78:

17 Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye are little children, and ye have not as yet understood how great blessings the Father hath in his own hands and prepared for you;
18 And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours, and the riches of eternity are yours.

I know that the Lord leads me along wherever I go. I am looking forward to growing even more and becoming my best self. Something I loved from General Women’s conf was this quote from President Eyring, “Our greatest potential seems distant, but from His perspective, you are not that far away.” I know that through the gift of the Holy Ghost, I myself can progress and I can help others to do so as well as I “see others the way He sees them.” There are so many miracles and blessings in store in this new area(s) I’m in, and I’m excited to witness them!

Love you all
Sister Draper

422 NE 103rd St Apt. 6C
Kansas City MO 64155


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