Missouri – week #26


OKAY so I think this week was one of the best weeks of my mission SO FAR. So. Many. Miracles. BUCKLE UP!!!

Sooo, a YSA member called us on Thursday and said that her friend, Kelly, from high school got a Book of Mormon from a coworker and wanted to learn more about the church. Welll she was super busy this weekend, so we couldn’t meet with her in person, BUT we have been texting her and she’s read 9 chapters already AND WATCHED GENERAL CONFERENCE while she was at work!!! She said it was the most amazing thing she’s ever heard. We are SO EXCITED to meet her this week.

Next miracle, we were on exchanges with the Independence 3rd sisters. I was with Sister McDonald, who’s straight out of the MTC and so sweet! We knock on a door of someone Elders had given a bible to a long time ago. A woman named Jamila answers and tells us to come right in!!!! She tells us about a lot of the trials she’s had in her life and how she has relied on faith to get through them. (Family, she reminds me of Patricia. It was so cool.) We talked about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and she was SO HAPPY to hear that their was another record, another Testament of Jesus Christ. We talked about why there are so many churches around the world and the need for a modern day Prophet. She agreed with everything we taught! She grabbed the Book of Mormon and hugged it close to her and said “I can’t wait to read this book.” She ALSO watched conference this weekend because she was sooo into the fact that we have a Prophet and Apostles on the earth. We are meeting with her again tomorrow! It was unbelievably powerful.

Another lady let us into her house right away this week as well. A member in another ward works with Laurie and gave her the movie “Finding Faith in Christ.” Well, the movie wasn’t working so this member called us to go over there and deliver another one. Laurie answers, lets us right in, and wants to talk with us. She’s the sweetest older lady with a VERY ROUGH past. Sister Littell and I noticed a picture hanging in her kitchen, and she said it was her boyfriend who had died last year. We were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to her. She had the sweetest spirit and the message touched her heart. She wants to learn more about how she can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so we are going to teach her regularly!

Okay and lastly, remember Brandt? Who just walked into church last week with his member friend having read up to Alma 30 already and wanted to learn more about the church? He texted us FOUR days later, letting us know that he had finished the entire Book of Mormon in 11 days. We met with him on Friday at the Liberty Jail at 5pm, but he had gotten there two hours early. He watched the entire Joseph Smith movie in preparation for his first lesson. We walk into the room and he basically says, “I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.” WHAT. We talked with him more about that and he told us what happened after he had finished reading it. He was on an airplane coming home, and as soon as he shut the book, the plane turned towards the sun. The only open window in the plane let in the light and basically blinded him. He said that often the Spirit speaks to him through light, and his prayers were answered. He felt peaceful, calm and so happy. SOOOOOO we put him on date for baptism for April 22nd!!!!! He already has plans to go with the YSA to Nauvoo in May to do baptisms for the dead!! I AM SO SO HAPPY. (We also watched GC with him this weekend and he loved it!)

And our friend Aimee is still set to be baptized on April 29th. She watched Conference with the YSA member who introduced her to the church. She is the happiest person I know 🙂

YALL. 4/5 of these people have something very important in common. MEMBERS!! Please share the gospel with everyone around you. Sure, lots of people will reject you, but it is so worth it to find the ones who are prepared and ready to receive it. We shouted for joy at the Plan of Salvation during the premortal life, so don’t be afraid to share it with others. My heart is SO FULL of gratitude for being able to witness so many miracles this week because of brave and righteous members who create opportunities to testify. Sister Littell and I are on cloud 9.

Anywayssss I loved General Conference this weekend. How blessed we are to be able to sit at the feet of the Savior’s choice servants. My favorite talks were from President Nelson, Elder Sabin, Elder Clayton, President Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson. But I just really loved the themes this Conference. The world will keep changing but God’s laws will always stay the same. Make sure you are on His side always 🙂 and if you are reading this right now, please email me your favorite quote from General Conference. And if you haven’t watched it, head to LDS.org right now :))

My heart is so full this week. I know that what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing right now. And I know that what I teach is true. I have seen the amazing change in people too many times to doubt if the message is true. This truly is the Savior’s restored church–He is at the head of it. And I know that He speaks to us through living Prophets and Apostles and through the Book of Mormon.

I love you all!! Thank you for the love and support always!
Sister Draper

422 NE 103rd St Apt. 6C
Kansas City MO 64155

Ps. If you haven’t seen the new Easter video, head to easter.mormon.org to watch it! ❤️


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