Missouri – week #30


hi loved ones!! ❤️❤️

I cannot wait to tell y’all about my week. I experienced one of the most special miracles of my mission thus far:

During our weekly Planning session, Hermana Littell and I got a call from a member in our ward. Her mother, Tamra, recently got married to a nonmember, Wilbur, in October and they attend our ward every so often. WELL. turns out, Wilbur came to church last Sunday and loved it so much, he told his wife he wanted to take the missionary discussions! So we called them up and set up a time to go see them. They live at a retirement home (that place is so fun hahaha) and so Sister Littell and I ate lunch with them and taught them!! After we taught the Restoration, we asked Wilbur what he thought and he said “well I think I’d like to be a part of this!” So we put him on baptismal date for May 13th!!! Wilbur is 82 years old and the cutest, sweetest old man I’ve ever met!!!

When we went back to teach the Plan of Salvation, we talked about the Spirit World and how it is a place of learning, where everyone will have the opportunity to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. As we taught this, sweet Wilbur wept of joy. This was the most special lesson that I have ever taught while on my mission I think. I testified of eternal families as I shared the sweet experience my family had in the temple when my little sister was sealed to us. We talked about the resurrection and how it is a free gift given to all people. He was just so overwhelmed with love and gratitude because he has a handicapped daughter. The thought of her becoming perfected touched his heart so deeply. Wilbur is he sweetest man! I feel so blessed to teach him. There is no way to adequately describe the feelings I felt. At the end of our lesson he said “I’m so sorry for breaking down. The words you teach just ring true to me.” And he also invited us back on Wednesday to have lunch with them haha he said “Oh won’t you please, please have lunch with us! We really enjoy you girls!” GAHHHH my heart. Funny story about him, when we were walking back to their room after eating in the dining hall, he would hide behind doors and walls and say “boo!!” to try to scare us hahahaha

Other tender mercies this week:
We met with Aimee and she brought her boyfriend (??) Cody, who is now a new investigator!! Aimee’s bap date is May 6th but we will probably have to move it back a couple weeks.
We went to visit some less active YSA’s and the guy we were looking for wasn’t home. but we talked to his dad and he said that coming by to check up on his son was an answer to his fervent prayers ❤️
Our recent convert Brandt went to Arizona on a business trip and visited the temple Visitor Center there all by himself :,)
Went on exchanges in Independence with Sister Dawson 💛 and Elder Wilson came in clutch and got me a Diet Coke!! We also had dinner with the Wilson’s too
And last tender mercy, after 7 years, my oldest brother Ryan finally graduated from college!!!! Love you Ry, but sorry still love your daughter way more.

That’s about it for this week! Lots of rain, lots of hours straight of finding, but also lots of miracles! The church is true and I love this work!

sister draper

PS CONGRATS to my bff/trainer mom SISTER SHELBY she got engaged this weekend!!! Ohh bb I be there in spirit sissy ❤️️❤️️


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