Missouri – week #31


WOW FAMILY AND FRIENDS. it was transfer week!!! Sadly, I sent off Sister Littell :,( (to the Visitor Center actually) I learned so much from her and we did WORK together. but I did welcome one of my BEST FRIENDS on the mission–Sister Dawson–to the New Mark and Lib YSA wards!!! I literally couldn’t believe it at transfers. President came up to us and said “what have I done…” and then followed that with “I better see the baptisms rollin’ in!” We seriously thought he would call us later that day and say that it was a prank or something hahaha. And everyone else on the mission can’t believe that we are together as companions. It’s been such a fun last few days and we haven’t stopped laughing at our dumb jokes to each other/singing black gospel choir music in the car. Life is pretty good right now!

WILBUR GETS BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! We are making daily contact with him this week to get him prepped and ready. Although we made sure we didn’t impose on the time that the retirement home buses take them to Walmart for their weekly outing hahaha. He’s so cute and ready to be dunked! Although he did ask us nervously, “how long are they going to hold me under???” hahaha love that guy. We taught him the Law of Tithing this week and he came to church, grabbed a tithing slip, and immediately paid it. Can’t wait to tell y’all about his big, big day!

Aimee is doing SO GOOD too and is getting ready for her baptism, now rescheduled for the 27th of May. She came to church yesterday too!!! She’s so cute and we love teaching her because she’s our same age.

This week was just too good. Brandt is on FIRE. We showed up to church yesterday and he was greeting people. He said that he was looking forward to bearing his testimony in sacrament meeting AND the presidents devo at the VC. He did both and sounded like a long time member. He also received the aaronic priesthood AND TWO callings! We also had our first new member lesson with him (Sister Littell’s last lesson here). He gave each of us a letter and of course we were both so touched. I am again just so grateful that I’ve been able to meet him and learn from his example. I wanted to include a couple sentences from his letter:

“I can’t testify that the work you do on earth has not gone unnoticed. Every day, through the light and love that you exhibit, you influence the world and the people around you. That is how I came to the church. It was not a missionary that knocked at my door, or someone telling me that this was the only way. It was through a life lived in Christ that my heart softened and I began to listen to the words that were taught. And so for that, I am forever grateful.”

Continue to be that light to those around you. People are watching! That is the best way to do missionary work–just live the gospel. I am also very grateful for the example of others, both before and during my mission who have helped with MY personal conversion to the gospel. This work is so true and it changes lives! I’m excited to see it continue to work in others this week.


sister draper

422 NE 103rd St Apt. 6C
Kansas City MO 64155


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