Missouri – week #34


image1image2image3image4image5image6HELLOOOOOOO everyone!! Happy Memorial Day!

hahaha Sister Dawson and I were excited to write our weekly email this week because we had the craziest experiences so tune in for some entertainment!!

To start this off, I had a very scary somewhat interesting experience at the Liberty Jail this week. We brought Wilbur (our 82 year old recent convert) and his wife Tammy to watch the Restoration movie at the Jail. (which, by the way, is so neat because so much of the movie takes place inside of Liberty Jail..) As we were leaving, Wilbur joked that he was going to lock Tammy up in jail. We all turn to her and she just stares at him and doesn’t say anything. Well, thanks to someone I know pretty well (@blakedraper) I’m pretty familiar with the symptoms of fainting. Just then, she turns ghostly white and collapses as I catch her. And she starts seizing!!!!! Sister Tallant was with us and knew how to work Tammy’s defibrillator to stop the seizure but it was soooo scary!!! As soon as it was over, she was back to normal! She has epilepsy so it wasn’t out of the norm for them, but it was for us haha.

ANYWAY moving forward…we picked up three new investigators this week and two of them are Eric and Valerie! We found them just by some good ol door knocking. We thought we were contacting an older lady but then Eric answers. He’s this tatted up, hard looking dude and we weren’t expecting that (seriously thought he was gonna yell at us) so we just start laughing (sooo professional). We ask for his wife and he gets her, and she’s not the one we were looking for either! So we explain the situation and we’re all laughing together. Eric then told us that he had always ignored missionaries at his door before, but we seemed super cool and he was willing to talk. So we went right in and taught them the Restoration!! It was so amazing. They are both so down to earth and super open to our message. When we gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon, he wanted us to sign our names and favorite scriptures!! I’m excited about themmmm!

Another cool miracle: we had a meeting with our ward missionaries and joked about not having anyone to teach at the moment, so we asked them all to pray for us! Well that night we went out contacting and got a headquarters referral for a girl named Mackenzie!!! She had talked with sisters online (woo VC represent) and had so many good questions! She works at Vivint in Kansas City and wanted to know what most of her coworkers believed (never thought I’d say I was grateful for Vivint lol). She’s YSA aged, SO SWEET, and we are meeting with her this week!

Our other new investigator this week was Cody, Aimee’s on again, off again boyfriend haha. K so remember she kind of dropped off the earth for a few weeks, and Sister Dawson and I have been praying with SO MUCH FAITH to be able to meet with her again. We stopped by one night and Cody answers her door (!!!!!!! cue the drama) We give her a hard time for going awol and she says that she’s been super busy etc etc. Well meanwhile, Cody was IN JAIL for two weeks hahaha BUT he read 100 pages of the Book of Mormon while locked up!! (ps his Book of Mormon is stamped “Property of Clay County Detention Center” LOL when u steal a Book of Mormon from jail) ANYWAY so we have an impromptu lesson with the both of them and then they both came to church on Sunday!!! Sunday night we also had a lesson with them and brought Brandt, our recent convert. I invited them to be baptized and after some hesitation on their part, Brandt goes “Draper asked me this our first lesson too. You just gotta pick a date and work towards it” hahaha. He basically put them on date for June 24th hahahaha. LOVE THAT GUY x1000

It was such a great week and it’s been SO FUN to be with Sister Dawson. We also had a mini missionary with us this weekend and she was so faithful and optimistic and we were able to see lots of tender mercies. Sister Dawson and I have been working really hard and creating prayers of faith to see more miracles. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. Even if it is in His timing, He truly hears us. Growing up, my dad used to remind me every night to say my prayers and I’m grateful for that example! I have such a strong testimony of the personal relationship that we have with our Father in Heaven. This is His work and I feel so grateful to be apart of it.

Love you all!

Sister Draper

422 NE 103rd St Apt 6C
Kansas City MO 64155


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