Missouri – week #35


holaaaa everyone

it’s officially summer here in Missouruhhh. You know how I can tell? Because sometimes I can’t tell if it’s rainy outside or just extremely humid. You know how else I can tell? Because there are just as many hairy, shirtless men mowing their lawns as there are kids with fidget spinners (hate those things) hahahaha sorry for that mental image…now on to my week!!

CAN YALL BELIEVE I AM HALFWAY DONE WITH MY MISSION?! I hit my 9 month mark in two days and it’s unbelievable. We had Zone Conference this week and for the closing hymn, we sang “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” because it was President and Sister Vest’s last ZC. Well turns out that song WRECKS ME and I just never want to leave my mission I love it so much. I’m glad I still have 8 months to go :))

I’ve been pondering a lot about my mission and how I’ve been able to endure this far. Well, a sister shared this scripture in our district meeting that I just loved and so I’ll change the name to my own:

D&C 52
3 Wherefore, verily I say unto you, let my servant [Sister Draper] take [her] journey as soon as preparations can be made to leave [her] home, and journey to the land of Missouri.
4 And inasmuch as [she is] faithful unto me, it shall be made known unto [her] what [she] shall do.

I have definitely felt the guiding hand of the Lord while on my mission as I’ve strived to be a faithful missionary. I’ve learned so much that this is His work and we need to involve Him in everything we do.

We saw a couple tender mercies this week that I want to share!!

We were able to teach Sheri the Plan of Salvation this week. We told her that she lived with God before she came to the earth and that He knew her as His spirit daughter. She responded, “I did?! He knew me?! I never knew that. Nobody has ever told me that. Wow, I feel so special.” With tears in our eyes, we spent the next 10 minutes discussing this point and reading scriptures out of the Bible and Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so powerful as we testified of the truthfulness of that point. I realized that as members of the church, we are so lucky to know the things that we know. It was one of the most spiritual Plan of Salvation lessons I’ve ever taught.
We received a headquarters referral for our friend Ky! His friend had posted scriptures from the Book of Mormon every day in May and Ky liked his posts! So his friend reached out and asked if Ky would be open to missionaries coming over and giving him a copy and he accepted! We invited him to read the introduction and testimonies and when we called his friend back, he said he’d already read them and started in 1 Nephi! We have an appointment with him this week and he’s super solid.

We saw so many tender mercies this week but we did have a couple of rough days. I am grateful for the hard times on a mission because it allows me to feel just a tiny bit of what the Savior went through when we was on the earth. I am so grateful for Him and the enabling power of His Atonement that gives me more strength and the power to overcome trials. I love being His servant ❤️️here’s to the next half of my mission!

Sister Draper

422 Ne 103rd St apt 6C
Kansas City MO 64155


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