Missouri – week #39


HAPPY 4th OF JULYYYYYY FROM MY FAVORITE LITTLE HISTORIC TOWN OF LIBERTY (very fitting). I love this day and I love this country! Fireworks have been going off ALL WEEK in Missouruh. There’s pretty much no regulations on fireworks here hahaha it’s so fun. Also fun fact: 80 years ago today, here in Missouri, Sidney Rigdon gave a speech in which he promised that the Saints would defend themselves even if it came to a β€œwar of extermination.” This speech pretty much caused the most conflict for the saints in Missouri :))) HAPPY 4th!!

OKAY I AM SOOOO EXCITED because one of my investigators in my last area is getting baptized!!!! Sheri!!!! I talked about her in a few of my emails last transfer and she has been progressing so well! LOVE HER SO MUCH plz pray for Sheri that she will keep her date :)))

ANYWAY my week was really good!

We got in with a part member family we’ve been trying to work with! We set up an appointment with them so their girls can be taught πŸ™‚
Exchanges with Sister Bench and Sister Osburn: Sis Bleak and Bench had a lesson with our potential investigator Erica and they taught the Restoration to her and her daughters! We have a return appointment with them as well!
Zone service this week was at a wildlife conservation and we cut back bushes and trees from the path. It made me really happy because it felt like a hike (which is crazy bc Missouri is sooooo flat) but I also got bit a million times by mosquitos and chiggers πŸ™‚ #justmissourithings
I also experienced the most amazing dinner message with a family this week. Sister Bleak and I read the story, The Room and had a discussion about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Brother Pickens had a stroke two years ago which made him mute and he wanted to say something so badly. He sat in silence, exerting all of his effort to express his feelings, but he just couldn’t get it out. The Spirit then encircled the room and enveloped each of us. Brother Picken’s frustration actually really touched me. He wanted to share his testimony so badly, but the Spirit was with us so much that we knew what he was feeling. Words cannot even describe this adequately…but it was the closest I think I have ever felt to the Spirit ❀️
And finally, last night Sister Bleak and I gave a tour to about 60 seminary and institute teachers hahaha RIP me I was so nervous AND brother and sister greiner were in the group (my mission prep teacher in CA). The tour was so spiritual. I was brought to tears a few times during the presentation which hardly happens for me. At the end, we all sang “Nearer my God to Thee” while gathered around the rotunda. I get CHILLS typing this. It was an unforgettable tour and I’m so happy we got to take it! One of the women came up to me afterward, letting me know that I had nothing to be nervous about. She said that I am called by God and have His power and authority with me. She reminded me of the scripture revealed here in D&C 122:

9 Therefore, hold on thy way… Thy days are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.

I know that God is always with me and with each of you. Love you all.

sister draper

216 N Main St
Liberty MO 64068


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