Missouri – week #40

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HEY fam!

It was another really great week in the MIM. We met President and Sister Love!! They are the complete opposite of the Vest’s haha but I love them so much (no pun intended). Their motto is “work hard, play hard” and I’m stoked about that! We met them at MLC on Wednesday and saw them again on Thursday for our Zone Conference and then I spent some time with them one on one in my interviews on Saturday. During interviews, President Love talked with me about things that he wouldn’t have known unless I told him. He is so inspired and I know that he has been called by God to oversee this mission. He’s so humble, very blue collar, but he is such a hard worker. I’m excited to finish out my mission with them!

At MLC, President shared something that I really loved. He said that during a Stake conference, a young boy asked Elder Bednar if he had served a mission. Elder Bednar replied that yes, he had. Then the boy asked, “What did you sacrifice?” Elder Bednar then replied, “Absolutely nothing. And neither will you. Till this end were you born.” Going into my mission, I thought I was sacrificing so many things. But it’s so true, I haven’t sacrificed anything at all. The Lord has blessed me so much over the last 10 months and my heart is so full.

But on to my week!

HUGE miracle occurred at church on Sunday. Lemme explain.

We had an amazing lesson with a part member family at the Russell’s house (talked about them briefly a few weeks ago). Marcy, the mom, has been inactive for ten years and has three unbaptized daughters. She has NOT been receptive to missionaries in such a long time so it has been a miracle that we’ve been meeting with them for the past 2 weeks. We read 3 Nephi 11 in our lesson and invited them to continue to read the Book of Mormon, take the missionary discussions, and come to church. And they agreed!! Cedae, the 17 year old, expressed to us that she wouldn’t be able to make it to church because she had to work. But when we showed up on Sunday, all of them were there!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!

Also, we weren’t able to meet with Felicia and Bren this week BUT Sister Hanson texted us Saturday night and said that Bren would be coming to church with her family! And he LOVED IT. He said he wants to come every week! Sister Bleak and I were just beaming during sacrament.

Lastly, we met with another part member family this week and they agreed to take the missionary discussions. I talked about them last week in my email! The father was baptized in Blue Mills when he was young and no one else in his family are members. We did some HTBT and talked about how WE were converted to the gospel. It was such a huge miracle to pick up 4 investigators this week.

Hard work truly pays off. Being diligent doesn’t necessarily affect how much success we have, but it shows the Lord that we are ready and prepared to receive His children. I love working hard and establishing trust with my Father in Heaven. Please pray for our friends this week! The power of prayer is real.

sister draper

Ps. Two fun things about Missouri: mosquitoes and Kool Aid. I haven’t had more mosquito bites in my life (I have 18…and they are currently swollen around my ankles #cankles) and everyone here drinks Kool Aid during dinner. That is all.

216 N Main St
Liberty MO 64068


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