Missouri – week #41


helloooooo and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!! love you so much :))

Things are great over here! It has been SO HOT AND HUMID. wow one day in the jail, the AC broke when we had a bus tour of 400 people inside (I now know why it’s sometimes called the armpit of america). But I love Missouri and sometimes I just close my eyes and pretend like I’m somewhere tropical like Hawaii and I can handle it.

Not too much happened this week, we are still working with the Stafford’s, Anchondo’s, Green’s, and Felicia and Bren. PLEASEEEE pray for them!

We had exhanges with Liberty 1st! I was with Sister Godfrey, who is right outta the MTC. We focused on finding a lot and she was nervous about leading a door approach. I told her I’d take the first one and she would take the next. And she was amazing! We actually got let in and set up a return appointment. When we walked away she was so stoked! I love the fire that new missionaries have; they just need a little encouragement.

It was a good week at the Jail with some really good tours. I took a woman and her kids through and they were so involved! At the end, the mom was really feeling the Spirit during the last narration in the jail. I felt prompted to invite her to bear testimony to her children. She told them that she had been completely inactive in college, had her children out of wedlock even, but felt very prompted to drive to Nauvoo one day. As she did so, she felt the Spirit so strongly at those historical sites that it brought her back to church. She said that she had brought them to the jail that day so that they could feel and recognize the Spirit and know that the church was true. She thanked me for facilitating the Spirit and making it a memorable experience.

Another tour I took was a family reunion. They had a million kids and I tried my best to keep their attention throughout the 40 minute tour (this is so hard to do hahah). When I was listening to the last recording, I was touched that the Lord calls the Prophet, “My Son…” I felt in that moment, that God is so aware of each of us and loves us perfectly because we are His children. I invited all of the kids up to stand with me and sing “I am a Child of God.” It was so sweet to hear the kids bear simple testimony and see how it had touched the parents.

I have really tried to make each tour about the one; to focus on the promptings of the Spirit and put in 100% to each tour. Something Elder Peterson shared with us sisters during our training meeting on Thursday was how the Savior was also so aware of the one. As a resurrected Being in the Americas, He blessed and talked with each of the 2,500 ancient inhabitants. 3 Nephi 17 is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon because of this. Elder Peterson said that if the Savior only spent 10 seconds with each of the 2,500 people, it would have taken Him 7 hours total. It is mentioned time and time again that He blesses them “one by one.” The Savior cares about each of us so deeply. I’m grateful to know this and that I have the opportunity to share it with everyone.

I love you all so much!

Sister Draper

ps. tune in next week when some of my favorite people come to my favorite place and I get to take them on a tour! See you soon, Dunning’s!!


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