Missouri – week #42

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Can you tell by the subject of the email that we taught a 9 year old the Plan of Salvation? Haha she offered the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for being on earth life. same.

THIS WEEK WAS INSANE THOUGH! Saturday night, a massive windstorm blew through Liberty and knocked out our power. We couldn’t sleep because the AC wasn’t working and the temp climbed to 85 degrees 🙂 When we “woke” up, the power was STILL out and we walked over to the Jail to see if it was working–it wasn’t!! JUST after getting ready in the dark, the power came on all at once and I was so grateful haha. The Jail was 80 degrees (our poor visitors) but we were glad that we could open it! The power in our church building and most of Liberty was still out BUT we still had sacrament meeting. You guys, it was so cool hahaha we walked into the church building and it was SO dark and SO HOT. There were camping lanterns everywhere #justmissourithings. I guess they still needed to have sacrament so they could release our bishop and call a new one (YAYY Bishop Russell!).

But as I took the sacrament, my mind went back to the last supper when Christ first implemented the Sacrament. I’m sure the surroundings were pretty similar. Dark and hot, but very simple. I just felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my Savior as I was able to recommit and remember my covenants with Him and my Heavenly Father. You best believe I thanked Heavenly Father for air conditioning and electricity that night though.

We had so many happy moments this week! We met with Felicia and her family, including Bren. She had so many great questions and promised she would read the Book of Mormon. They were so excited for us to come that they made us cookies haha seriously they are the sweetest family.

We also had a lesson with Marcy and her daughters. Bella, the 9 year old I mentioned earlier, really loved the Plan of Salvation. We taught them that their other sister who is handicapped, Gabby, would be able to receive a perfect mind and body at the resurrection. We read Moroni 8 and talked about how children and those unaccountable are alive in Christ. It was so special. Bella asked us if she could be baptized and so we invited her and Cedae to continue to read and pray about the Plan of Salvation and ask about baptism. Like I said, Bella closed us out with a prayer (this lil girl is ADHD and it probably took at least 5 minutes to calm her down but she actually said it!) I loved when after she thanked God for literally everything, including her cats three times, she paused and said, “is this Plan real?” That has really impacted me the last couple of days. We can ask our Father specific questions in prayer if we have the faith that He will answer us. Bella is just the sweetest. I really love the Stafford family so much and Sister Bleak and I have been blessed to see this miracle unfold this transfer. Please keep praying for our friends!

The Jail has been so great, too. I’ve taken some really awesome people through tours. Serving in a Visitor Center has been a huuuuge blessing because I’ve been able to meet people from all over the world and from different walks of life. Just yesterday, I took a couple through and they were from Denmark and Sweden! It has been so cool to see the Spirit work through me and help me discern needs. I love developing my talents and trying to understand what the Holy Ghost would have me say. GAH I just love this place so much!

The Lord has really tested me this week with some trials that have come both physically and spiritually. We talked with a man who was very hostile against the church and what we do as missionaries. I’m grateful for my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and of the Restoration. I truly know that this is Christ’s church. Although I am still very young, I have had way too many experiences in my life to deny what I know to be true.

Although the Lord has humbled me this week in more ways than one, I am still “thankful to be on earth life.”

I love you guys!

Sister Draper

216 N Main St
Liberty MO 64068


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