Missouri – week #44


hello friends and family!

I can’t believe it’s been another week…today I hit my 11 month mark and I think it’s CRAZY how fast time flies!!

We had a really good week though. Lots of meetings and shifts at the Jail, but we were able to see a lot of awesome things. I’ll give three miracles this week covering each of my areas!!!


We had L3 this week and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ using videos and other visual aids :))) when we asked Cedae if she had any reservations about baptism, she said that she had felt the Spirit testify to her that this was true and just wanted to keep learning!! She was SO HAPPY when we invited her to be baptized. We helped her pick the day to work toward: September 9th. And then when we asked Bella about baptism, without hesitation she picked December 14th….naturally :)))) because that’s her 10th birthday. Still working on that one hahaha but we were sooooo happy nonetheless!!! I love the Stafford family with MY WHOLE HEART!! During our lesson, I just had the thought come to me, “THIS. this is why you’re in Missouri.” It was so overwhelming and I feel so blessed to serve some of the most amazing people here. I can’t wait for their big day!!!! Pleaseeeee keep them in your prayers!

Next, on Teaching Center, I called up my homie Collin Clark from Ohio who came on to Mormon.org and chatted with me a few weeks ago about what Mormonism was. He felt like he was “missing something.” Well when I called to follow up, he said that he had met with missionaries about 6 weeks ago and was baptized about 3 weeks ago!! He had JUST read Alma when I called him to see how he was doing. I was so excited!!!! I LOVE Teaching Center and talking to people everywhere. He said he got kicked out by his family and he’s moving to Provo to be around more members of the church… so I’m stoked that I’ll probably meet him someday!

And lastly, a man came into the Jail this week with his two adult children and they were so cool. I love when people come in just ready to be engaged and participate! It’s my favorite thing when tours are conversations and not rote presentations. But anyway, this guy had nine kids total and I was able to relate a story to him. Caleb Baldwin, who was one of the men in the Liberty Jail with Joseph Smith, also had nine children and so he was really concerned about leaving his family and coming to the Jail. He expressed his feelings to the judge at their hearing, and the judge actually had pity on him. He was told that if he would deny Joseph Smith as a prophet and renounce the church, he wouldn’t have to come to the Jail. But Caleb Baldwin, although I’m sure it was a hard decision, couldn’t agree to those terms. I asked the man who came in what he would’ve done in that situation. He started to cry as he reflected on how much his family meant to him, but he replied and said that the church meant too much to him to deny. The family who came in was so amazed by Caleb’s faith and so am I.

Although we sacrifice very menial things compared to Caleb Baldwin, I am grateful for the opportunities we have to rely on our faith and trust in God. My mission has seriously been the hardest thing I have ever done BY FAR, but in sacrificing time with my family in friends, I have learned to trust my Heavenly Father and His promises. Remember that when some things seem like a sacrifice. The gospel is just so worth it!!!!

sister draper

216 N Main St
Liberty MO 64068


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